Maria Ndebele

Luxury dog hotel
Hotel Houskeeper & Hotel Baby Mommy

Maria is truly a precious diamond in the rough when it comes to caring for your babies, and thank goodness for us and you - but we found her by chance!

I think she more than anyone else was surprised by how much she loves and cares for the babies, and they for her!

This job was MADE for her. She cleans the hotel predominantly, i.e. Their suites, offers their Scratch & Tickle sessions, takes their photographs, feeds them, takes them for walks, and is EXCELLENT at all of the above. Making this humorous is not even necessary - it's just simply awesome. She is a kind, generous, creative being, with skills, that are in the process of being developed and discovered under our very noses, which are flourishing in the MLD environment with all our little lapdogs (your babies.)

She once told us, "sometimes when I have a hard time at home - I am so happy to come to work to spend time with the dogs..." (bless:-))

Maria's favourite babies: Toy Poms - but all little dogs!!!