Ineke Ann Boyle

Must Love Dogs Emporium in South Africa
Must Love Pioneer / Creative Director and Visionary

Ineke handles all the daily operations of MLD, and is passionate about playtimes, feeding Breakfast & Dinner, making sure all her systems are running smoothly, and that her vision is unfolded CORRECTLY on a daily basis. Right from the way your babies are walked, to the exact manner a Check - in is handled. The music, the smell, the lighting, the cleanliness, the temperature of the babies suites as well as the harmony of their immediate environment, and that there is always someone with the guests, and that most importantly  the little ones that are at MLD are HAPPY!


The babies perform a calming, cathartic, medicine to her creative madness. She has a very definite vision of where MLD is going and where she wants it to be. Constantly driven to exceed her "work in progress"'  and  to constantly feed her 'baby" - MUST LOVE DOGS.

"Without my MLD and all the babies - I would be dead...Simple. It sounds morbid - but that's my reality. MLD feeds my soul."

Favourite babies:" I love all animals - I used to save ants and put them in cotten wool when I was a little girl, and even worms on lettuce, however I have a soft spot for the 'littlies' - it brings my mother instincts out - and I just want to pick them up and baby them and kiss them and cuddle them and all those lovely things...

''I was born to have this career - I'm in love!''