MLD Team

Must Love Dogs Emporium in South Africa

Ineke Ann Boyle

Must Love Pioneer / Creative Director and Visionary

Ineke handles all the daily operations of MLD, and is passionate about playtimes, feeding Breakfast & Dinner, making sure all her systems are running smoothly, and that her vision is unfolded CORRECTLY on a daily basis. Right from the way your babies are walked, to the exact manner a Check - in is handled. The music, the smell, the lighting,...
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Luxury dog hotel

Maria Ndebele

Hotel Houskeeper & Hotel Baby Mommy

Maria is truly a precious diamond in the rough when it comes to caring for your babies, and thank goodness for us and you - but we found her by chance! I think she more than anyone else was surprised by how much she loves and cares for the babies, and they for her! This job was MADE for her. She cleans the hotel predominantly, i.e. Their suites,...
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Luxury Dog Hotel

Bright Nthewa

Doggie Hair-Stylist Guru / Hotel Daddy

Bright has been hand-picked for his super stylish skills with the scissors, and his super calming approach to your little poof balls... We don't quite know what it is - but he has a special way with your babies... They LOVE him! And even the really nervous, and normally snappy little ones are like putty in his strong, gentle hands. Our clients...
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Sandra Coetze

Sandra Coetze

Hotel Mommy & Doggie Carer

Sandra is our little angel from heaven - (literally) - who sweeps in when we need her the most! She has been there for us when we have needed an extra pair of loving hands right from the start. The babies ADORE her - and she LOVES them even more, which is more than evident by all the pictures in our galleries etc. and the connections she makes...
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Luxury Lapdog venue

Mighty Diale

Emporium Groundsman / Gardening Galdiator

Heralded horticulturist, purposeful pruning master, and fearless weed-whacker! This gentleman of few words is the reason MLD has the manicured lawns, and lolling, lush fields always so perfectly kept and and maintained. Mighty has had many compliments thrown his way, and he is truly well deserving of them. A true asset to our team, Mighty is an...
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