Premium Suites

The Bachelor Suite


And the final in the quintet of or Premium preview...And who better to end them off with than the charming Bachelor Suite?

Our pawsome pad for our bouncy baby boys to be themselves and 'hang' in, has something missing...PINK!

It has something ELSE missing...mmm????


Because BOYS DON'T LIKE THAT!!! What isn't missing is comfort, style, class,charm and good decor, that comes in bucket loads...this ones for all the single boys and their brothers...Have fun!


Must Love Dogs luxury dog venue
Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog hotel in South Africa

The Butterfly Suite


Your precious little 'Nunus' will keep wanting to come back to the gorgeously decked out Butterfly Suite, strategically situated near the "Dogateria", which means their meals are served early at Dinner times! So for babies partial to their food, this is a definite bonus! YAY!

Beautiful purples and pinks, our discerning ''fluffies'' luuuuuuurve this little butterfly keeper, and its beautiful high-end decor with awesome contrasting coloured green porch...A special suite for a special baby, created with love from us xxx


Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Hotel
Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Hotel

The Flower Suite


Our Flower Suite is for our graceful girls, two at a timers and babies who want to stay up at night, listen to the radio, sprawled out and have a good chat with each other and really kick in for a good stay...

Spacious, beautiful, adult and comfortable, but not too girly to have a boy bunk for the night either ;-)

Mauves, and purples...PRETTY, but subtle and deliciously delightful...your little one will be SO PLEASED you chose this for her to stay... GORGEOUS!!! x


R370 per night

Must Love Dogs South Africa
Must Love Dogs Emporium

The Bugs and Bees Suite


Think fun, child-like, bright, individual & VEEERRRRRY cuuuute!!!! Boys and Girls with puppy dog tails...the dream begins here!

This suite always conjures up winks and smiles from all who see and hear it"s sweet name and see its bright colours and playful interior.

Our more colourful guests seem to have stayed here oddly enough...happy couples, cute girly girls, playful little boys...enjoy! ;-)


R370 per night

Hotel, dogs, luxury, expensive
Luxury, hotel, lap dogs

The Barkely Suite


The Barkley was erected in honor of a very close friends' passed away baby...

...His lovely spirit survives in this elegant suite's charming decor and opulent beautiful luxury.

Classic, adult, comfortable and outstandingly individual...

All gorgeous little babies will find this suite to their up-market tastes...Divine!


R370 per night

R150 per night (2nd dog rate)

Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa
Luxury dog hotel in South Africa