January Babies 2011

January Babies 2011 Photos

Gosh you gave me a fright!
Hey pretty Lucy...
That's HILARIOUS Flapjack!
I'm just going to have a little snooze...
Early playtime sessions in Central Bark!
Harley giving kisses...
Beautiful entrance to reception...
You can't catch me!!!!!!
If I could see through this fringe...?
Do you think I'm pretty?
If I stick my tongue out more I might be able to drink the whole pool!
Listen Koos - hows about we go for a walk later???
A promise of things to come...
Central Bark play time!
Smile Harley!
Entrance to Heaven for littlies!
Cute face!
A kiss for Harley! x
Loving the couch...mmm...
Yep, that's sexy me on the grass...
Aren't you precious!
Scratch me, scratch me!
I'm a cutie - pie!