February Babies 2011

February Babies 2011 Photos

I LOVE it here Maxi!!!!
Lick me Oliver!
Beautiful Molly being cuddled...
Oliver you handsome devil you!
Gizmo in the Scratch & Tickle Room...
...so as I was saying Dojo...
Fifi enjoying her tickles...xx
...and then I heard them saying you were getting Chicken for Dinner...
If you keep doing this I might stay forever!
Fluffy brigade walkies!
Look at that face!!
Oliver - never before has a boy asked for more!
Stop hogging the fluffy toy Dojo!
Fudgie sunning herself by the pool with Sandra!
Sinead & Cindy-Lou share a puppy kiss - aaah!!!
Molly on her Princess bed!
A Gizmo kiss! xx
Yuki & Dojo smile for the camera!
Maria loving sweet Fudge...xx
I'm gonna love you and squeeze you and kiss you...
What a face Fudgie!
Fun in the sun!
Please Ineke I want a longer walk!
Two pretty Princesses!
His Royal Highness - Maxi!
The Dogwalk baby!
A ''NEARLY'' kiss...x
Oooohhh this is ammmaaaazinnng!!!!!
Do I smell funny Gizmo???
Nice and cool on the ground!
Strike a pose!
What a sweeeet baboo!
Naughty face!
I'm telling you! - My Mommy packed us THREE treats a day!!!
Sweet Poppy!
Beautiful walks through MLD...
Ag Molly - How cute can you be?
Cindy-Lou, I see you!
Catch me if you can Oliver!
Chewing a chewey in the Scratch & Tickle...mmm...