Penthouse Suites

The Manhattan Suite

Start spreading the neeeewwwws...This suite is for the girls who KNOW what they want , AND have the taste buds to prove it! Classy black and white shots of the ''City'' deck the walls as well as gorgeous flowers in classy vases strategically placed...subtle pinks, lime greens and paisleys are the order of the day.

Comfortable, glamorous bed, gorgeous fixtures beautiful bedding...its all here just for your pleasure our little treasures.

Ladies you asked, and we provided...For poofie, upmarket little girls everywhere...With love from us xxx


Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa
Must Love Dogs South Africa

The Big Boy Suite

Big Boy??? Did we say BIG BOY ...We meant BIG AT HEART boy - he he!

We created this suite for our classy, pampered poof balls who's Mommy's & Daddy's REALLY love him and want him to have lots of room and to be able to frolic and flounce and have friends over to play, or to have his brother and sister on holiday with him...

A gorgeous, 'adult' decorated suite, comfortable and breezy... Perfect!!!

Big love from us xx


R450 per night

Must Love Dogs Emporium South Africa
Luxury Dog Hotel

The Marilyn Suite

Every little girl dreamed of having a Marilyn Room as a little girl... let's be honest?!?!

And so...We created one JUST for your little girls to come frolic and play in on their perfect dream holiday...BLISS!

And yes.. it looks JUST like this in real life - it's GORGEOUS, PRETTY, COMFORTABLE, and CUTENESS personified! We LOVE this talking point of MLD, and so will your baby...The ULTIMATE in comfort and style!

Spacious, and functional too, it's cool in summer and nice & hot & cosey in Winter...

Mom... how can you say no???


Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium
Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium and Hotel

The Beach House

OMG??? Are you kidding me???

NO we aren't - Yes it DOES has a TV, AND a Palm tree, and it's GORGEOUS, and its comfortable and YES you can almost imagine hearing the waves crashing in the background...

It's spacious, luxurious, and grandiose, and your little ones deserve every last inch of space created for them.

In the long rainy months they can mooch on the couches, curl up on the bed and catch the soapies..its amazing...just like home, we've thought of everything...

Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium
Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium

The Airplane Suite

For our gorgeous little boys who think they are BIG BOYS...

Beautiful, spacious & stylish - this suite is truly for the spoiled baby or for a few babies who want to have fun fun fun in their holiday pad of note! ENORMOUS garden space, large porch and awesome airplane themed decor...your boy baby, or little family can stretch out in glee in their awesome and impressive holiday room!

Something special!!! Take off into Wonderland! XXX


R450 per night

Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa
Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa