Our Vision

MLD's vision is to create a premium, high-end emporium of excellence for all our lapdog clientele. Our aim is to ultimately develop an exclusive brand and group catering to these smaller refined individuals.

Our creed is to be Passionate, Perfect and Particular in our execution, and loving to the guests we ultimately care for.

 We are the platform for this ideal and have many added concepts which we will be growing along with our ultimate vision of comfort, safety and luxurious treatment of our clients' babies...

We are the pioneers and visionaries in the lapdog, luxury field in South Africa, and promise to set a standard, and dream just for you. We offer a venue, where anything is possible, and you are assured to expect safety, comfort and fabulousness - the BEST!

Our vision for the future includes branding, franchising, clothing, food ideas and SO MUCH MORE for our DOGGIE EMPIRE!


Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium for Lap Dogs in South Africa