An unlikely friendship...

Givemore and Zimmi
An unlikely connection has taken place here at MLD...

From the day she arrived up until today, little six month Maltese Zimmi had her young puppy sights set on our amazing Gardener Givemore...Where ever Givemore goes - Zimmi follows - she climbs up on his neck and sits there like a little parrot and stays there while he tries to maneuver around and complete his duties...

When Givemore goes on lunch, Zimmi stands and stares and waits for him at the gate. No matter how much any one of us cuddles her - Zimmi's attentions are firmly focused on Givemore.

Givemore doesn't have dogs of his own - and Zimmi has become his first doggy the feelings between them are VERY mutual.

It gives my heart such joy to be an observer of such a wonderfully pure and organic friendship.

Givemore said to me several times over the last week, ''I am going to be so sad when Zimmi leaves..." (bless!)

It just goes to show the deep love and respect ALL our staff have for our special babies!