Time to reflect...

ineke-2013-12-09 10:11

Today I took some time to reflect about where I have been and where I am now and where I know I am going...

My eyes well up as I remember a time when I thought my dream was lost and how quickly I nearly gave that up. I forgot to let everyone know that yesterday we officially took our first baby in - little Sheba. This event to some may seem small - but to me - it meant the ABSOLUTE world!!! It is a precious gift to be given a second chance to be able to do what one loves and spend time caring for the most wonderful souls this world has to offer. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

Without MLD - I felt empty and lost and I didn't feel me...it was AWFUL! But now I am back, WE are back and much much wiser...I have to thank Conrad and my staff for supporting me so beautifully and putting up with my perfectionistic nonsense and mostly I want to thank everyone for their loyal support and trusting me once again with their precious babies. Without Ark Animal Centre, Tracy, Candice and everyone next door there would be no MLD - and without faith and determination - my fear of failure wouldn't now be a distant memory.

I am truly blessed and today marks the day that I have counted my blessings...MLD, my little passion project is looking to the future...and all it can see is sweet babies and lots of love and success! Thank you to my own babies Janee and Leia for never giving up on Mommy and being such wonderful inspirations!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XXX