Taking some time off to recharge...Back soon!

ineke-2012-01-16 16:03

I am writing this update from Bryanston - I am having withdrawals already...I think I may be a workaholic????

Today I wrenched my clinging little body away from my ''everything''- MLD...and left it in the capable hands of my sister Deirdre'...and Bright and Nomsa etc...(my more than capable team)..I handled my last Check -outs, did a hand over, and kissed the babies goodbye...it was tough!

We said goodbye to three little sweethearts today...long-time guest, Pilot - who grew on us each day he was here...you will be VERY missed my boy! And regular runners Dottie & Muffin - as always it was lovely having you my sweet babies! xx

Either way, our hotel has a few babies left over to love and care for, and believe you me - they are still being adored...

Lots of love from Lady Jane, Princess Leia, and me...we are going to be away from MLD for a few days, but we will try keep in touch with you via Facebook...