Setting boundaries for the love of the babies...

Must Love Dogs Emporium South Africa
So I've been in a bit of a conundrum about what to say...I'm not sure why in ''animal care'' or ''pet hotel'' business, appointments, processes, or schedules or regulations are not respected the same way they are in 'regular' businesses??? ... It boggles my mind!

I've been having quite a lot of issues where I feel I have had my boundaries challenged and it's always been a tough thing for me to say NO in my life, which is from where MLD was dark place...Must Love Dogs is actually a culmination of me realising that its actually okay to say NO!
It's okay to have boundaries - in fact its vital to life...Rules and regulations are NECESSARY for order and ultimately enjoyment and fun!

So its with sadness I often find people challenging my systems -thinking they are dealing with a silly little blonde so and so. I have been through so much and worked to hard and I can finally say that I would rather have people hate me for being the real me than like me for what they think I might be.

This is contrary to what I would have said years ago..I only wanted to make everyone happy - now I want to make the babies I care for happy , which in turn makes me happy.

This is all that matters at the end of the day. The babies come first - but I need people to work with me to give me time to actually do that part of my job.