A man and his dog...

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It's a simple story about a man and his dog...and I have witnessed the connection develop over the last visits and finally the last 52 days Elvis and Ella have spent with us...

Bright, our doggie Stylist & Hotel daddy came to me yesterday and bashfully bowed his head and asked if I could take some photos of him and ''his dog" Elvis before he left for good overseas....It didn't surprise me, it wasn't the first time one of my staff members had made this kind of request. But this time it really touched me.

The people who work for me don't own their own dogs, but have come to work with our babies, and subsequently develop such deep, love and respect for them. I have often caught them taking pictures on their cell phones with ''their'' dogs :-)

Brights' cellphone is lost and he wanted a big printed picture like I once gave to Maria of her holding Cinammon and Flapjack, two fluffy Pommeranians.

I thought I'd end today with my story - I feel sad for Bright that he is losing his boy -( I know how attached my staff get )- but this really illustrated what I have known all along...How much they all really care..

I'm happy & grateful. ♥