...Calm and relaxed with two last minute bookings...Welcome Dorothy & Muffin!!!

Sooooo... our little Emporium has a VERY relaxed atmosphere outside...I am getting ready to take some time off in the next couple of days...And my sister and capable, well-trained and loving staff will be running things for me.... I am feeling REALLY relaxed about this...whoaaahhh I've come a long way - he he! :-)

The MLD Spa was a - buzzing this morning with some VERY pampered babies...Jack & Meg, and little Dash (who sadly left us this morning) being washed, massaged, and spoiled to distraction....Lucky little nunu-bugs!!!

But just as you think it's calming down - Old regular Muffin has a last minute booking as well as little Dorothy (who is on her way....) Welcome babies!!!!

Our little pack of guest are only too happy to have you join their chilled little group!

While I am away - I will still be giving updates, and uploading pics...As you have seen the stream has calmed down, and as with life and business there is a definite ebb and flow - and I am going to roll with that for now...Deirdre' will be handling some updates...so enjoy a new perspective. I will of course not know how to shut up and add my two cents anyway - so lets see how we go!!!

Much love & happiness,