A BUSY DAY at MLD Emporium!!!!!!

ineke-2012-01-06 20:33

I was BUSY, BUSY and MORE BUSY today - it just hasn't stopped...the Holiday certainly isn't over in the Spa, the Hotel, the Scratch & Tickle Room...The Dogataria (cooking up extra MLD Chicken)....The ENTIRE Emporium!!!!

It's  furry babies beig spoiled left right and CENTRE... and extra relaxation, and happiness are the order of the day...!!!!

We had two lovely sets of babies return to their favourite holiday destination...
Yorkie brother and sister are back in the Royal Suite - much to their delight, and it's holiday number two for Cinese Crested Powder Puff - ( yes - you heard right! :-) - Zena & her sweet little Yorkie brother Max who have been yearning to come back and have some fun at MLD.

This time they are in our popular World Cup Suite - and they definitely have come in full holiday mode and with lots of love to give... and lucky them...their Mommy Lisa  has ordered them special MLD Chicken Room Service for dinner during their stay!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Tomorrow is another big day, but to all the babies who are with us - They have become like a little hotel family - and are so sweet and settled in together - it almost seems a pity to say goodbye to part of the pack - but I guess thats how it goes...It's been a long holiday period - but in poignant moments like these I remember once again why I do what I do and how much I LOVE what I do!!!

Night night!

Pictured below: Gorgeous Zena & Cute little Max Checking in to their Petite World Cup Suite - (Just for you Lisa ;-)