The Bubble Gum Suite

The Bubble Gum Suite is not available at our new premises. This suite falls under our FUTURE PROJECTS.

Where are all our little naughty puppies??? Still haven't outgrown the need to exercise those itchy teeth against nice wooden surfaces and fine furniture... Well, well well, we have taken all those precious items out of your reach, and let you have a space to release those urges without the guilt - but within the hotel luxury feel.

Plenty of space if you simply belong to an extra big family or if you haven't developed the refined skills for our boutique hotel as yet...

Either that - or you may be a golden oldie who can't quite make the stairs on a ramp or otherwise and prefer a large airy space to roam around in, and a nice area to duck away from the Highveld storms.

Perfect also for post operation babies and comes with a radio, fan, heater and own paddle pool and umbrella.

Just because these babies stay separately from the main hotel - does NOT mean they don't socialize with the rest of the hotel - in fact, we often have parties in this room on rainy or hot days :-)

What more could you want???

R370 per night

R190 per night (2nd dog rate)

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