Who is the MLD guest...?

Must Love Dogs hotel suites were specifically created for small 'toy' dog breeds as well as certain medium 'lapdog' breeds e.g. King Charles Spaniels & Miniature Schnauzers, who are accustomed to living indoors and are used to sleeping in Mom & Dad's bed, and lying on the couch ‘watching’ TV with their parents. We cater to 'babies' who are permanently indoors and always allowed on the couch or bed. Our clientele is of the more refined variety of doggie breeds, and our suites are aimed at pampered, calmer breeds who are respectful of furniture, bedding and decor. 

MLD's larger suites are suitable for Mom's and Dad's who want more space for their very spoiled, precious little ones, and want the ultimate in luxurious care. Or for larger families of little doggies who want to have their own amazing holiday pad. Do you want your babies to have space to walk around & play during the long rainy seasons – (like their own real house?) – Not ONLY a place to sleep? - Well these suites are the answer! We have small, medium and large suite options for all your little pampered babies needs...

Please note...

Definition of a Lapdog: A pet dog, small and docile enough to be cuddled in ones' lap. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications/Breeds)

Size Requirement: No bigger than an average Cocker Spaniel or a Mini Schnauzer /(Knee high for an average lady) *Please note that this is purely a guideline, and a formal interview / assessment will still be required.

Age Requirement: Must Love Dogs only cares for babies four months and older with their first 3 sets of inoculations administered.

Sterilization: All new guests, (Male & Female) are required to be sterilized from the age of six months. This ensures a calmer, happier hotel environment in our unique social set-up.

Illnesses: Dogs with chronic diseases or disorders e.g. Epilepsy & Diabetes are not accepted into our hotel, but are rather encouraged to be boarded by their respective vets, as are dogs with major injuries, and complex medication. We are happy to care for older dogs, however if they are feeble in any way, we are not facilitated to care for these babies either. Please note, that is for their own health and safety, Must Love Dogs prides ourselves in providing a safe, social environment, but are not a frail care, or nursing facility.

MLD Does not split families EVER - each Suite is home to one family at a time!


Hotel additions...

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MLD offers high-end food options, treats and exclusive extras on request which we came up with to make your little ones stay even more magical and amazing. On a more serious note, we do administer certain medication to our guests too.

Luxury lapdog venue

Petite Suites

Interior Exterior
The Princess Suite Our girly, girls's dream holiday boudoir... Pink, mauve, cute and super sweet looking for every calm, poofy small dog... The perfect space for
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Luxury Dog Hotel Must Love Dogs Emporium
The Royal Suite Our Royal Suite is lavishly decked out in golds, greens and has sumptuous decor & gorgeous finishings.... Our 'unisex' room is for little
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luxury dog hotel Must Love Dogs South Africa
The Ballerina Suite Who wanted to be a Ballerina when they were little girls? This ones is especially for all those little Foofoos, and we have made those little dreams
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Lapdog venue luxury suite Must Love Dogs Luxury lapdog venue
The World Cup Suite Inspired by one of the biggest, most awesome events to grace our amazing country. This little suite pays homage to our team our, country and our
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Must Love Dogs South Africa for lapdogs Must Love Dogs Emporium for lapdogs
The Baby Boy Suite What more can we say about the Baby Boy suite... ??? Your little baby has a GORGEOUS blue room decked out with a subtle car them throughout.. the
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Must Love Dogs SA Must Love Dogs South Africa

Premium Suites

Interior Exterior
The Barkely Suite The Barkley was erected in honor of a very close friends' passed away baby... ...His lovely spirit survives in this elegant suite's charming
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa Luxury dog hotel in South Africa
The Bugs and Bees Suite Think fun, child-like, bright, individual & VEEERRRRRY cuuuute!!!! Boys and Girls with puppy dog tails...the dream begins here! This suite always
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Hotel, dogs, luxury, expensive Luxury, hotel, lap dogs
The Flower Suite Our Flower Suite is for our graceful girls, two at a timers and babies who want to stay up at night, listen to the radio, sprawled out and have a
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Must Love Dogs South Africa Must Love Dogs Emporium
The Butterfly Suite Your precious little 'Nunus' will keep wanting to come back to the gorgeously decked out Butterfly Suite, strategically situated near the
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Hotel Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Hotel
The Bachelor Suite And the final in the quintet of or Premium preview...And who better to end them off with than the charming Bachelor Suite? Our pawsome pad for our
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Must Love Dogs luxury dog venue Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog hotel in South Africa

Penthouse Suites

Interior Exterior
The Airplane Suite For our gorgeous little boys who think they are BIG BOYS... Beautiful, spacious & stylish - this suite is truly for the spoiled baby or for a few
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa
The Beach House OMG??? Are you kidding me??? NO we aren't - Yes it DOES has a TV, AND a Palm tree, and it's GORGEOUS, and its comfortable and YES you can
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium
The Marilyn Suite Every little girl dreamed of having a Marilyn Room as a little girl... let's be honest?!?! And so...We created one JUST for your little girls to
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium Must Love Dogs Luxury Lapdog Emporium and Hotel
The Big Boy Suite Big Boy??? Did we say BIG BOY ...We meant BIG AT HEART boy - he he! We created this suite for our classy, pampered poof balls who's Mommy's
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Must Love Dogs Emporium South Africa Luxury Dog Hotel
The Manhattan Suite Start spreading the neeeewwwws...This suite is for the girls who KNOW what they want , AND have the taste buds to prove it! Classy black and white
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Must Love Dogs Luxury Dog Emporium in South Africa Must Love Dogs South Africa

The Bubble Gum Suite

Interior Exterior
The Bubble Gum Suite The Bubble Gum Suite is not available at our new premises. This suite falls under our FUTURE PROJECTS. Where are all our little naughty puppies???
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Must Love Dogs Emporium in South Africa for Lapdogs Must Love Dogs Hotel for lapdogs