Welcome to Must Love Dogs! The best hotel for small dogs in Africa since 2010.

This is my story...

Must Love Dogs is a very personal passion project I dreamed of and created out of a very serious need for somewhere safe, comfortable, cosy, and “un-kennel-like” I could send my own two babies Janee & Leia to.

At a very difficult time in my life, I needed that extra care, an extra “me” to be there for them while I was away...there was no one, and nowhere!

I used my time of introspection & healing to figure out where I was going in my life and where my passion lay?...I realised (I knew all along really) - that the only two creatures in the whole world that meant ANYTHING to me were sitting at home being looked after by some strangers I had hustled together at the last minute? Something was SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture!

My mind started racing at the possibilities. What would I want for my babies? ... I took out a pen a paper and started writing...(It didn't stop) ...The dream was endless...(My love for animals was beckoning me!)

When you dream and imagine what was meant for you – it all becomes so wonderfully succinct and clear. I just knew!

I wanted babies – and yes I said “babies” in South Africa to be revered for a change! Out went the cement – it was time for some grass – some beds, blankets, comfort, music, scratches and tickles...I wanted harmony, happiness, and a true “home away from home” (as they all seem to say?) Doggie kisses, cuddles, extra treats, (just like at home), and their favourite channels playing in the background - my Janee loves the Crime Channels – or perhaps it’s just her Mommy? Either way – isn't it about making everyone feel safe and happy?

To set the record straight the name “Must Love Dogs” didn't come from the movie at all – the story is quite different... In all my creative thinking and ramblings I thought of the prerequisite for anyone working for my company, and what that would be? What would my advert for hiring any new staff read? I realised it would have to say – MUST LOVE DOGS...

And my dream was born....! :-)

This is for you Janee & Leia because Mommy Loves you SO MUCH...

I want Must Love Dogs to be for other 'babies' - what I always wanted for you...xx

Ineke :-)

Must Love Dogs Luxury dog emporium in South Africa