Dirk - Congratulations! (Website Compliment)

ineke-2012-03-08 14:18

Hi. Just a short msg. Congratulations. The entire establishment just seems like a "culmination", a "realisation" of a genuine passion and the attention to detail emotes care and heartfelt dedication. It is simply beautiful to look at even for a boy! It is a clever idea that incorporates so many creative vests that it can only be sustainable. This one animal lover's heart is very warm. I know from experience that you have wonderful people nurturing the animals there as I volunteer at animal rehab projects and shelters. At one of these I was in the reception when a lady representing MLD entered and by the conversation held I could tell your establishment so far surpassed a simple utilization on securable space. I came across this site while looking for another way to help animals and for the rest of us regain the trust that is such an honour for me. Godspeed.