MLD “Dogateria” serves Breakfast & Dinner.

If however your babies eating schedule includes Lunch. We will include that into their schedule at no extra fee. We supply 3 quality brands:




All of which are supplied in the Adult range in small & medium sizes. If your babies already eat these brands, then we will feed them accordingly. Portion, sizes etc will be established beforehand on admission into MLD hotel.

If you feed them anything different to what we have on offer ie.( Vondis, Bentleys, Purina etc.), it is advised to continue on your current brand, and simply bring enough with to last their stay with us. If your babies eat extra tinned foods or chicken which you have cooked please label it accordingly per day, and package it correctly to ensure that there is enough to last their stay with us.

Do not refreeze cooked chicken that has defrosted after being cooked then frozen. Both processes increase bacteria levels unacceptably.

Please go to our FAQ's button for more information regarding this matter.


To save yourself from any added hassle simple request extra MLD Chicken or MLD Steak, and we will happily prepare home-made, delicious portions for your babies. Go to our Extras on Request link for added information and prices.

We would like them to have the best holiday experience with us possible - so let's get it right from the start, and make sure their tummies are happy and healthy!

*REMEMBER: If your babies eat anything extra, you need to bring it with on their Check-in day.

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