If my dog tries to escape and causes injury to him/herself, slips down stairs, or gets into a fight, dies, gets any ailment or sickness while under the care of MLD. Can I hold them liable and expect them to pay for Vet Bills, or costs incurred?

Absolutely not.

Must Love Dogs is a growing new business venture, and your babies are given the absolute best care possible. However there are always risks involved owning a pet. As with leaving your child at Daycare, or before going on a camp, and indemnity clause is signed in our Terms and Conditions which will exempt us from these fees and bills. We are dealing with animals who get sick, do things they aren't supposed to and have different personalities.We are lucky enough not to have had any one of our guest bitten, or attacked, however we there are always risks in a social environment. Accidents happen, and we can only promise to supervise and care and love for your babies the best way possible. Dogs sometimes get sick, and certain escape artists hurting themselves trying to get out at night, is beyond our control. We can no longer, and will no longer incur these costs. Our business will not survive as a growing concern if our clients assume we will foot the bill because we are nice. We are attempting to grow a business, not close down in a year.