Can I make special requests for feeding my baby without expecting to pay extra, ie what if I bring my own frozen chicken to be cooked?

Yes & no, we have catered to a variety of different feeding schedules and instructions which we don't charge extra for. And we certainly aim to please. However it becomes disheartening and problematic when guests mommies and daddies bring their own food to save money, and then expect it to be prepared in certain ways, which takes up time and effort. Also in some cases not supplying enough or forgetting food behind, and feeling MLD should foot the bill. This is not fair.

We do not stop making the favourite foods when the babies’ foods run out. However we should be re-reimbursed. To prevent this from happening we will be making this a stricter rule. The extra time it takes to cook up recipes needs to be taken into account – it takes time away from other guests, and lengthens feeding time dramatically. We are a small, growing concern, and so we do this ourselves, and this care needs to be rewarded with the correct remuneration. We want your babies to have what they have at home – however this is not a charity service – we offer a service which most kennels aren't even prepared to look at. Please be fair.

If you have 'human' foods you want us to serve, pre-cook, pre-portion, and freeze the food if required & label it according to the days your dogs will be staying with us, so that we know there is enough- or be prepared to pay extra on your final bill, and please be honest when it comes to the initial quoting.