Frequently Asked Questions

NO, we have a strict policy on dog aggressive dogs, and no, we will not keep them closed off or separated from other guests. Our company policy is passionately veered against running MLD like a prison. Mistakes happen very easily where gates get left open and dogs dart out quickly. We would rather run with lower risk and be preventative, than deal with tragic and devastating results. Our social hotel guests and calm, innocuous environment are our highest priority - safety & happiness first!

If your dog made it through the interview phase, but is then found to be aggressive to other hotel guests - MLD reserves the right to allow them admission again. We work on a strict 'one strike' policy. The safety and well being of our guests is of UTMOST importance and we regard aggression as a SEVERE transgression which results in immediate disqualification and ejection from our hotel.

You can come view our beautiful hotel during our business hours, which are Monday to Friday, 08h00 - 17h00, and Saturdays and Public Holidays, 08h00 -13h00.

Yes, an appointment is required. Call a day in advance at least, so that time can be spent to show you around and field your questions. Also, bring your babies with so that we can assess their size, personalities, and needs.

We need time to access their suitability and assist you in making the correct suite choice for their size, personality and needs without any surprises on check in day. Also you get a chance to meet with your babies future care givers and view our facilities, ask any further questions, and introduce them to their potential future holiday destination. If you leave them at home, you will need to make the trip again, so save yourself the hassle.

Sometimes little doggies try get out of their private gardens in a hurry, & we have found it is way easier catching them with collars on than without. Simple. It makes all our lives easier! :-) It also helps us keep your 'kids' safe and secure, and away from potential harm, quickly and efficiently.

Absolutely not.

Must Love Dogs is a growing new business venture, and your babies are given the absolute best care possible. However there are always risks involved owning a pet. As with leaving your child at Daycare, or before going on a camp, and indemnity clause is signed in our Terms and Conditions which will exempt us from these fees and bills. We are dealing with animals who get sick, do things they aren't supposed to and have different personalities.We are lucky enough not to have had any one of our guest bitten, or attacked, however we there are always risks in a social environment. Accidents happen, and we can only promise to supervise and care and love for your babies the best way possible. Dogs sometimes get sick, and certain escape artists hurting themselves trying to get out at night, is beyond our control. We can no longer, and will no longer incur these costs. Our business will not survive as a growing concern if our clients assume we will foot the bill because we are nice. We are attempting to grow a business, not close down in a year.

This is a boutique hotel for dogs, & it is run as such, we need to be respectful of whoever may or may not be booked into the rooms after you. Time is required to clean and service rooms and appointments should be respected like you would for a normal business meeting or hotel booking. A phone call to say you are running a little late would also be appreciated ;-) As we are dealing with your 'children' and their holiday accommodation. Normal business etiquette applies.

Cleaning and preparation needs to be done prior to suites being made available for new guests check-ins. Time spent in our suites with our staffs affection is time charged.

You will be notified immediately. Should a staff member not be available to transport your baby to the vet, one will be called to the hotel. The veterinary bill will be added on to your final bill on the day of collection. The health and well being of our guests is of the utmost importance to us, and we take it very seriously if someone gets sick. Some parents are out of reach, so we will make a judgment call with your 'child's' best interest at heart.

Some parents don't want to be notified unless it is really serious, and others want to know about every small ailment. This is pre-discussed on booking in and we will respect each situation accordingly. The final veterinary bill will be added on to your final bill on the day of collection, and needs to be paid immediately.

Must Love Dogs is a business like any other. We are open public holidays & Saturdays – something most 'kennels' aren't. The business is predominantly run by the owner, who needs a day to recharge from the public, so that your babies get the best care. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We are all only human and this is a very personal service.

Yes & no, we have catered to a variety of different feeding schedules and instructions which we don't charge extra for. And we certainly aim to please. However it becomes disheartening and problematic when guests mommies and daddies bring their own food to save money, and then expect it to be prepared in certain ways, which takes up time and effort. Also in some cases not supplying enough or forgetting food behind, and feeling MLD should foot the bill. This is not fair.

We do not stop making the favourite foods when the babies’ foods run out. However we should be re-reimbursed. To prevent this from happening we will be making this a stricter rule. The extra time it takes to cook up recipes needs to be taken into account – it takes time away from other guests, and lengthens feeding time dramatically. We are a small, growing concern, and so we do this ourselves, and this care needs to be rewarded with the correct remuneration. We want your babies to have what they have at home – however this is not a charity service – we offer a service which most kennels aren't even prepared to look at. Please be fair.

If you have 'human' foods you want us to serve, pre-cook, pre-portion, and freeze the food if required & label it according to the days your dogs will be staying with us, so that we know there is enough- or be prepared to pay extra on your final bill, and please be honest when it comes to the initial quoting.

It is part of MLD'S Terms & Conditions that you abide by these requirements. We need to know as much about your dogs before they come and stay with us and we need this information at our fingertips. Knowing our guest/your baby is spayed, scared of lightening or doesn't like bigger dogs is very important. This information is vital to all staff with making your 'baby' as happy and relaxed as possible. We don't admit any hotel guests without all documentation completed.

Yes, each suite has a garden with 6 x 3 meters of grass to play in, with both shade and sunshine to bask in.

Petite – 1.5m X 1.5m – additional 1meter undercover veranda

Premium – 1.8 x 1.8m -additional 1meter undercover veranda

Penthouse – 2.4 x 2.4m - additional 1meter undercover veranda

Enclosed, yes. Shut in their suite, no. Our guests can walk in and out to relieve themselves, choose to be warm, or have a cool breeze depending on their mood.. All windows are closed at night too – in case freak storms occur and our precious guests don't get wet.

We have fans in every room, which we aren't shy about using, they are on in full force during the hot Summer months at no extra cost, the doggies who like to swim make use of our central paddle pool, or the big pool on the side of the main house (if their parents allow) A lifeguard is always on duty J 

Also – our suites were designed so that all the babies can lie in the cool ground under the suites, or in the shadow casted from the suites. In the colder months we have very powerful wall mounted heaters to keep your babies warm and cozy at no extra cost.

This is a luxury boutique hotel & your children’s' physical comfort is of the highest importance to us!

Their rooms are tidied daily like a normal hotel, and if there is mud or extra mess, blankets etc are washed immediately. Our housekeeping staff have been instructed to clean, 'as if they were cleaning for people' – and that's how it is! Rooms are kept to high standards, without interfering in the doggies’ happy stay with us. In between visits, rooms are more vigorously cleaned and disinfected to prepare for our new guests.

If it’s not a chew toy, it will be billed for. We will add the extra costs of the damage to the final bill on the day of collection. This extra cost is determined by replacement value & cost as well as by outsourcing costs for repairs to be made. However we are trying to be preventative rather than reactive. Please be honest in your questionnaires & interviews. If your dog chews, we have the ‘Bubblegum Suite’ for just such guests. Custom beds and furniture is not used but comfort and care is still excellent. Please feel free to bring your babys’ own bed for extra comfort.

No, the suites were created with certain size dogs in mind, with certain levels of comfort. Small suites are for small toy breeds, and not for two medium dogs fit in to be 'cosey'. Dogs at MLD are meant to be comfortable & have space so as not to get frustrated and start doing things they normally wouldn't do such as start chewing things in their suites. And if there are long rainy periods, or cold periods their suites are their only areas to move around, and this could be very problematic and unfair if it is really small. We want all our guests to feel safe, comfortable and at home, and we want to feel happy to have them back.

No. Staff, supervision, cleaning and food preparation is still paid for daily. The love your babies receive however is FREE!

Yes, we will administer Frontline at an extra fee which you need to pay on your book in day.

No, never the dogs get walked within the confines of our beautiful 5.5acre property, & always on a leash a minimum of twice a day.

This is an added service; in fact it is an optional extra. It takes time and effort finding the right pictures. Trying to get a good picture of your babies looking happy and at the camera is much like trying to give a cat a pill! It takes a lot of effort.

If they have any favourite toys, blankets from home, their own scruffy dog basket (providing it fits into the suite comfortably) – or perhaps a t-shirt with your scent on it – that would help. Don't be embarrassed, this is a very personal issue.

Also, if your doggies are staying in the Bubble Gum suite & are chewers – bring your own blankets and bedding etc.

No. Admission is reserved, and your deposit will be lost for staff availability and administration costs. Directions and contact details for a kennel nearby will be made available.