Extras on Request

Must Love Dogs Emporium for Lapdogs in South Africa

Scratch and Tickle

R50 for 30 minutes

(Babies are brought inside with staff for their own special time in the 'Scratch and Tickle' Room... mmm (extra attention)


R30 a day / R35 a day (overseas)

 (Two pictures and a short message to let you know how your baby is doing – or just to say good morning or good night.) For your peace of mind - a client favourite!

Must Love Stew

R15 per bowl

Wonderful nutritious stew with chicken, veggies and rice to add to your babies' happy experience with us. Yum!



(Cooked to your baby's preference)– 30 per day per dog (one meal only) .

If you bring your own chicken, an extra charge of - R10 preparation.*We can customize this amount according to size of dog/portion required etc.

Must Love STEAK

R40 per day

(as per chicken)



 R35 per night

(Only available for Penthouse Suites)

Give them the visual stimulation they are accustomed to at home!...Book it every night or every other night! Be decadent and pamper your baby like there is no tomorrow!

MLD Day Care

R175 per dog

from 08h00am until 17h00pm

Is your garden being landscaped for the day? Planning a move? Nowhere for your babies to play for the day? - We will care for them, take them on walks and give them the full MLD loving service! Includes food & water  - 

Webcams / CCTV

(*This service is on hold – please advise if you would like to use this service in the future by means of a mail or a phone call - we also have a poll where you can vote on our site.

While you are away you can go online and 'visit' with your baby in your own private time... What every neurotic Mom and Dad dreams of - "I know I would love it myself" (Ineke :-)


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