Welcome to Must Love Dogs! The best hotel for small dogs in Africa since 2010.

This is my story...

Must Love Dogs is a very personal passion project I dreamed of and created out of a very serious need for somewhere safe, comfortable, cosy, and “un-kennel-like” I could send my own two babies Janee & Leia to.

At a very difficult time in my life, I needed that extra care, an extra “me” to be there for them while I was away...there was no one, and nowhere!

I used my time of introspection & healing to figure out where I was going in my life and where my passion lay?...I realised (I knew all along really) - that the only two creatures in the whole world that meant ANYTHING to me were sitting at home being looked after by some strangers I had hustled together at the last minute? Something was SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture!

My mind started racing at the possibilities. What would I want for my babies? ... I took out a pen a

Must Love Dogs Luxury dog emporium in South Africa